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Kimberly Clark lighting: rooted in the hometown of a great man, radiating the land of China

on November 9, 2019, the world-renowned "second Asian Cup women's baseball championship" was held in China, and was grandly opened in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, the hometown of a great man! Eight women's baseball teams from Japan, South Korea, India, the Philippines, Pakistan, China, Hong Kong and Taipei gathered at Zhongshan Dongsheng panda Memorial Stadium to compete for the trophy

the theme of this baseball tournament is "wonderful baseball, charming Zhongshan", which not only fully shows the progressiveness and maturity of Dongsheng Town as a national baseball and softball base, but also shows the unique charm of Zhongshan City as an important node city in Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area to the people of China and even Asia

the great people of Zhongshan are awe inspiring, the delicious food of Zhongshan is unforgettable, the baseball of Zhongshan is praised, and the lighting of Zhongshan is also amazing

as a comprehensive enterprise rooted in Zhongshan ancient town, the "lighting capital of China", Zhongshan Kimberly Lighting Co., Ltd. has successfully launched the brand "Kimberly lighting" with the same name, which is famous in the national market, relying on its unique advantages in geography, resources, technology, talents and other common surface control blocks, fully demonstrating the strong comprehensive strength of local enterprises in Zhongshan. Through years of exploration and development, Kimberly Clark's team, with its indomitable struggle and innovative spirit, has continuously provided customers with upgraded versions of crystal lamps, iron lamps, fan lamps, ceiling lamps and other lighting products based on modern consumer demand, laying a deep consumer foundation for the extension and development of the brand

people oriented and customer service! Kimberly Clark's team is not only good at getting more than 800 chemical patents, but also considers issues from the perspective of consumers. It also positions its brand as "a high-end lighting brand that people can afford", and insists that the achievements of scientific and technological development should be shared by all people. Provide healthier light sources, more perfect functions, better quality, more yuan of products, more considerate services, more reasonable prices High requirements for force measuring machine All the above are the sincere promises made by Kimberly Clark team to consumers. Over the years, Kimberly Clark team is also relying on its own efforts and mdash; mdash; Tang chuanrudder, general manager of Tongling Guochuan electronics company, insisted on fulfilling his commitments with practical actions

today, Kimberly Clark lighting represents the local brand of Zhongshan, competing with other domestic brands and winning the reputation of "China's top ten modern home lighting brands"

in the future, Kimberly Clark lighting can represent Chinese high-quality brands to "fight" the world market and play a vigorous "friendship match" with international well-known brands

: Zhou Lingling

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