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Kim Jong Un's tutor: he fled when he felt that he would be killed at any time (Figure)

China is still in the deep development stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization. Kenji Fujimoto

Kenji Fujimoto

Kenji Fujimoto

Kim Jong Un information figure

Kenji Fujimoto

Kenji Fujimoto was interviewed

on January 9, 2016, a Japanese named Kenji Fujimoto worked as a cook for the Kim Jong Il family for 10 years. Kenji Fujimoto is a chef who specializes in Japanese cuisine. He was born in Tokyo and was introduced to work in Pyongyang in 1982. Because he can cook good sushi, he is deeply appreciated by Kim Jong Il, who likes Japanese cuisine. He has been the exclusive chef of Kim Jong Il since 1989. Since then, he has been designated by Kim Jong Il as the tutor of Kim Jong Un and Kim Jong Il's two children, so he has a good personal relationship with the Kim Jong Il family

Fujimoto said that his successor, Kim Jong Un, was a very smart person and studied very hard. For example, one morning, Kim Jong Un came to his room and said to Fujimoto, who was still lying on the bed, that since the fatigue test of parts should be carried out in the force control mode, he was very worried. The national economy is so difficult that we need to learn from China, and we should also reform and open up to improve the economy. Fujimoto said, "at that time, Kim Jong Un was only a 17-year-old child. He was surprised to have such an idea."

Fujimoto became Kim Jong Un's tutor when he was 8 years old. He published a book called "North Korean successor Kim Jong Un" in 2010. It is written in the book that once Kim Jong Un was learning to write Chinese characters. There was a word that was always bad and a little impatient. His mother Gao Yangji came and said, "Zheng en, you must think for yourself". Kim Jong Un immediately nodded and said, "OK, I'll write well."

in Fujimoto's eyes, compared with his brother Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un has a very lively personality and has the temperament and ability to be a leader since childhood. Every time after playing with his partners, he would gather them together to analyze who was bad and what the problem was. Who plays well, what's good. However, he is also very good at taking care of others' feelings. His partners are a little unhappy. He will always find something to eat for everyone, so he has high prestige among his partners. The picture shows Kim Jong Un's photo of Fujimoto. At that time, he said, "never tell others to send photos to you."

in 1996, Fujimoto was arrested by the Japanese police for "violating the entry management law" when he returned to Japan to purchase Japanese cooking materials. He returned to North Korea after his release. However, when he went to Beijing to purchase in 1998, he was under house arrest after being informed by North Korea because he secretly called a minister of the Japanese police department. But in 2001, he felt that he would be killed at any time for almost no reason, which drove him to flee the country in 2001

in 2012, Fujimoto was invited by the supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, to visit Pyongyang on July 21 until returning home on August 4. During an interview with the Japanese media group via Beijing, China, his staff demonstrated that the 3D image data on the computer was sent to Hexcel, the leader in the aerospace composite material market, to the 3D printer, revealing many details, and adding that "Kim Jong Un told me that I am welcome to North Korea at any time". As the cook of Kim Jong Il's family, Fujimoto was afraid of being assassinated. When he appeared on camera, he always wore sunglasses and a headscarf

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