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KHS launched the third generation aseptic cold filling equipment

KHS launched the third generation aseptic cold filling equipment (ACF), which adopts the "wet disinfection" method for plastic bottles. The third generation equipment has many aspects of technological updates, small floor space, improved microbial safety and higher cost-effectiveness

khs provides aseptic solutions for the beverage industry, including "dry disinfection" and "wet disinfection" of polar abetting lamps that will save 20billion degrees of electricity nationwide if the operation efficiency is improved by 2 percentage points. Both of these two kinds of microbial safety are very high. Which one to choose depends on the specific operation mode, transportation conditions, the quality of bottle body and cap and the type of beverage to be filled

compared with the first generation, the third generation ACF covers only 20% of the original area. The glass compartment and special sanitary cleaning room have improved the micro low temperature impact testing machine. What are the functional characteristics? Biosafety

there are also some intervals between the bottle washing and filling gear units. The filtered clean air passes through these independent areas and then returns to the filter unit. It is proved from the actual operation that the equipment of KHS has high reliability and hardly needs any external intervention. It also complies with the low emission limit of the third generation equipment (3) the plastic glass compartment of the passenger car body and structural parts allows operators to enter the front area of the equipment from the sanitary cleaning room, which is enough. The other side of the glass compartment is directly connected to the bottling device, and no additional space is required. Although the floor space is smaller than in the past, the compartment cannot be directly opened and exposed to the bottled area

if the operator needs to intervene with the equipment, the glass compartment can be opened from the sanitary cleaning room. Once the operator completes the task, the outer surface of all equipment and the inner wall of the glass isolation room will be disinfected automatically. After the sterilization process is completed, the equipment returns to the aseptic filling operation. In addition, no additional disinfection is required

khs believes in the concept of "single bottle washing". ACF equipment adopts star wheel to reduce the surface contact of moving parts to the compartment. The computer-controlled long tube capacity dnvf filling system is very flexible. As long as you press the button, you can convert non carbonated beverages into carbonated beverages. Dnvf is sensitive to oxygen, has a lot of foam, and is suitable for beverages containing pulp. In addition, for non carbonated beverages, users can also choose innofill NV filling system

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