On the causes of poor quality of plastic products

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Talking about: the reason for the poor quality of plastic products

since the development of plastic machinery, the trend has been to develop high polymer plastics. Plastics have gradually been used as the main structural materials, while the less the other dosage is, the better it is to increase 25% than the long carbon fiber products in the same proportion. Chinese plastic experts regard the quality of plastic particles as the bottleneck restricting the development of plastics in our country, The main reason why the quality of plastics in China is inferior to that in the west is the poor quality of particles

plastic particles are roughly divided into more than 200 kinds, subdivided into thousands of scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, quality inspection centers and commodity inspection departments. There are dozens of common kinds. In daily life, recycled particles can be used to make all kinds of plastic bags, barrels, basins, toys, furniture, stationery and other household appliances and all kinds of plastic products. In the clothing industry, recycled particles can be used to make clothes, ties, buttons, zippers and so on. It can be seen that plastic particles have been widely used. The application of plastic particles in plastic materials is very important. It is an indispensable raw material in plastic production, and the plastic crusher plays an irreplaceable role in the production of plastic particles. Therefore, a good plastic crusher can make you work twice with half the effort

the properties of plastic particles, such as particle gradation, particle type, surface characteristics, needle and flake particle content, void ratio, which were not valued or could not be controlled in the past, are becoming increasingly important. Therefore, the plastic crusher came into being, which plays a significant role in solving the above problems. However, due to people's existing cognitive bias towards plastic, it also limits the understanding of the importance of recycled particles. It only treats recycled particles as a simple material to replace primary plastic, which artificially limits the development of recycled plastic particles

China's plastic extruder industry is moving towards a healthy and sustainable development

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