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Talking about the characteristics and application of modern hydraulic control technology (1)

compared with other control technologies, hydraulic control technology has many advantages, such as large power to weight ratio, fast response speed, flexible and convenient layout, large speed regulation range, stable operation, easy manipulation and control, and overload protection. Therefore, it has become an important means for all kinds of machinery to realize control. In all kinds of machine tools, but their properties are different production lines, heavy machinery Hoisting machinery, building materials and construction machinery, automobiles, aerospace, ships, weapons and equipment and other fields have been widely used

in recent years, hydraulic control technology has been gradually developed towards automation, intelligence, miniaturization, high precision, high power and high efficiency due to the continuous transplantation of technical achievements in other fields. It has become the pioneer and model of a series of contemporary advanced technologies, and its application fields are almost all over all walks of life

this paper will briefly review the development history of modern hydraulic control technology, and discuss several new hydraulic control technologies that integrate modern technology. In 2016, the global market value of high-performance composite materials was $23.5 billion and their practical applications in engineering, so as to provide reference for the promotion and application of modern hydraulic control technology

1 overview of the development and application of hydraulic control technology

1.1 review of the history of the development and application of hydraulic control technology

1 in 648, Pascal of France proposed the law of pressure propagation in static liquid - Pascal principle, which opened the prelude to the development of hydraulic control technology. However, in the long historical development process, the development and application of hydraulic control technology is relatively slow, or even stagnant. Its rapid development and wide application is that by the beginning of the 20th century, no large-scale industrial devices had been established in Mengxi. Due to the production of large-scale military weapons and equipment in the Second World War and the rise of modern industry, especially the development of the automotive industry, assembly lines, automatic production lines, and numerical control machine tools and machining centers have come out one after another, creating preconditions for the rapid development of hydraulic control technology. After hydraulic control technology entered the field of industrial manufacturing equipment, stimulated by the rapid development of automatic production lines and automatic processing equipment, it has developed rapidly and become increasingly mature. It has become an indispensable control means of automatic processing equipment, once led the technological progress of manufacturing equipment, and its application field has also been continuously expanded. From the introduction of mineral oil as the working medium of hydraulic transmission and control system in the early 20th century, to the birth of axial piston pump, the appearance of three types of valves, to the invention of electro-hydraulic servo valve in the 1950s and electro-hydraulic proportional valve in the 1970s, they are all revolutionary technological advances in the field of hydraulic control technology

1.2 overview of the development of modern hydraulic control technology

hydraulic servo control technology was developed during and after the second world war due to the need of military equipment such as conveniences and aircraft for high-precision and rapid response automatic control systems. It has played an important role in the production of military weapons and equipment, especially in the aerospace field. Electro hydraulic servo control and electro-hydraulic proportional control technology, which are developed by the combination of hydraulic servo control technology with modern microelectronics and computer technology, constitute the main body of modern hydraulic control technology. With the rapid development of modern electronic, computer, information, network, automatic control and other technologies, more new vitality has been injected into the hydraulic control technology. The mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integrated hydraulic control technology based on electro-hydraulic servo control and electro-hydraulic proportional control is emerging in endlessly, and the modern control technology has been further developed

at present, electro-hydraulic control technology, with its obvious technical advantages, has quickly replaced the traditional hydraulic control technology and electromechanical control methods in the fields of large energy, high control accuracy and fast response speed. It is applied to precision equipment, important or large equipment, aerospace equipment, steel rolling equipment, etc., and plays an increasingly important role in the development of all walks of life

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