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The listing and sale of buildings in the location of TAFA, the landmark xillaide hardware store

I found that many friends are interested in the information about the listing and sale of buildings in the location of TAFA, the landmark xillaide hardware store. I sorted out some relevant information about the listing and sale of buildings in the location of TAFA, the landmark xillaide hardware store. I share here. 2 is to improve the supporting policies for you

when Ron Taffa opened a hardware store in a prominent corner of a fast-growing suburb in Northwest Sydney, he did determine the location

as a result, literally, his business became part of the structure of the region, providing building materials for many houses at that time and in the future

as this landmark store finally closed after 64 years, that is, at the end of 2019, West Ryde site is now on sale, and it is hoped that the next place or places where one or more enterprises live will be as precious as his store

Anthony Taffa, a 51 year old entrepreneur, died in December 2018. He died in December 2018. He said: it was amazing when we closed the door. He runs the store with his 47 year old sister Julianne, which became the mitre 10 of TAFA in 1980

we have so many people who say that their grandparents used to shop there, and then their parents did. Now they do. It's great. They thanked us for providing such excellent community service, for everything we did, and some customers were crying

No. 1 Chatham Road covers an area of 403 square meters, the ground floor area is 390 square meters, the mezzanine building is 100 square meters high, and has three frontages of more than 52 meters. It is an ideal choice for any enterprise. It is locally known as Cape TAFA and will be auctioned on March 12 with a guide price of about $4.5 million

Peter vines, an agent in the raywhite business district in New South Wales, said that it was a bit like an idol in the local area, such as when the display was chaotic. However, like any small enterprise, it is difficult to survive in competition with big enterprises like Bunnings, because Bunnings can monopolize the market in many stores

this is such a conspicuous corner, with a lot of traffic passing by, followed by Woolworths, Coles and the station. Since the specification series jt3132.1 (8) of plate rubber bearings for households and highway bridges, investors have made a lot of inquiries

there are a large number of Koreans in the suburbs. Mr. vines said that this is an ideal choice for Asian grocery stores and perhaps smaller restaurants. Other uses may be for stadiums or some form of showroom

Mr. vines said that in the future, changing the regional division may make the residential development of the site possible, but the current land occupation ratio may not mean that there is a commercial possibility

he added: This is a narrow building, and you must merge other properties to do this correctly

since taffa's hardware was founded in 1955, it has provided a large number of building materials for West Ryde and the wider Ryde community, helping it develop into today's vibrant suburbs

TAFA people also always pay great attention to the community, sponsor local football and cricket teams, and donate goods to local schools and community groups to help them raise funds for various charities and organizations

Anthony Taffa said: it has been a remarkable 64 years, but the times have changed and the aspirations of local communities have changed. Anthony Taffa started working in a store and helped his father during his 15-year-old school vacation. He has been working full-time since 1993. In addition,

this is a very important part of our family history, so it is difficult to close the business and sell it, but we must keep pace with the times. Surprisingly, how many people built houses with the houses my father sold them. When they heard that we were going, their reaction was very touching

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